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What is YOGA? Generally, it is recognized as an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices derived from the Vedic tradition of India and the Himalayas, more than 2500 years ago. It is a system that recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of the human person, and primarily relates to the nature and workings of the mind, based on experiential practice and self-inquiry. In Yoga, the body, breath and mind are seen as a union of these multi-dimensional aspects of each and every human being. The system and various techniques of Yoga cultivate the experience of that union, leading to greater integration of being, internal peacefulness, and clarity of the mind. It is a system that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, and a greater sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness. Yoga cultivates health and well being (physical, emotional, mental and social) through the regular practice of a range of many different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation. Naturopathy: Naturopathy is a system of working towards the cure of diseases without using medicines. It is an ancient and traditional science which integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our natural constitution. Naturopathy has the capacity to prevent and in some cases also cure the disease. The main principles of Naturopathy are astounding. First, the reasons and remedies of all diseases are the same; ailments develop due to the presence of intoxicants which are removed. Second, the intoxicants cause diseases, not bacteria and viruses which simply feed off them. Third, nature itself is the best ‘doctor’, the patient is cured, not the ailment. All levels of the body are treated simultaneously and holistically. Finally, no medicines are used because Naturopathy is a superb medicine in itself. The principal aim of Naturopathy is to teach people the art of healthy living by changing their daily routine and habits—this not only cures the disease but makes our bodies strong and glowing. We have combined both Yoga and Naturopathy as the part of treatment for best results.


In Yogasana, body is subjected to different stretches, bends, twists, inversions and strains. Then you try to maintain the posture in a relaxed manner. This practice builds the strength and stamina. Especially various muscles are strengthened, which is the support for all other systems. Functioning and efficiency of the internal organs is improved. This affects all other parts of the body in positive manner.


In Yogasana, you try and connect the mind to the body. You try increasing the awareness of body parts, focusing on stressed joints and muscles, maintaining awareness of the breathing. One needs a lot of skill in trying to relax the muscles and different parts under stress during yogasana practice. This is strengthening of Body- Mind relationship.


Pranayama is technique of controlling the breath and mind. Pranayama develops the lungs and those who practise it will have a powerful, sweet, melodious voice. The body becomes lean, strong and healthy. Excretions become scanty and the appetite becomes keen. The digestive fire is augmented. There is lustre on the face and the eyes sparkle like diamonds. The practitioner becomes very handsome. The student becomes so perfect in brahmacharya, sensual restraint, that his mind will not be shaken even if a celestial maiden tries to embrace him. The student is free from all sorts of diseases. The nadis, flows of energy, are purified.


Steady practice arouses inner spiritual light, happiness and peace of mind. It is impossible to extol the wonderful effects of pranayama adequately. It is the magic wand for attaining perfection in all spheres of life. Even a few days of practice will convince you of its remarkable glory.

Naturopathy Treatment:

Naturopathy is based on treating the cause of an illness and aims to treat the body as a whole. The disease, illness or pain that the patient presents with may have a singular cause, but often has many different causes.


The causes may be chemical, structural or even emotional. The aim of the Naturopathy is to discover the root cause/s of the illness and then remedy the situation by removing the cause.

Naturopathy treatments we offer:


Mud therapies:

Out of fire constituent elements of this universe mud (earth) has a pivotal role. It?s an important element of nature. It contains important minerals which have a positive effect on human health. It has the ability to absorb toxins from body and prevent diseases. It?s known for its healing properties and helps in cooling & relaxing the body as it holds moisture for long time.



They are typically used for topical application.

       Mudpack for eyes:

          - It helps in relaxing eyes

          - It reduces irritation, itching, or allergic reaction such as conjunctivitis and hemorrhage of eye ball.

          - It also helps in correcting refractive errors

          - Effective in glaucoma, where it reduces eye ball tension


      Mudpack for abdomen:

         - It decreases intestinal heat and stimulates peristalsis.

         - It relieves all forms of indigestion.

         - It works as wonderful natural stimulant for constipated bowel.

         - In case of abdominal gas a stomach ache mud pack is advised for relief.

         - It also comes in handy in case of loose stools.


      Fruit face packs

          Fruit facials boost the skin with natural goodness. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and all required nutrients they are not only for wellbeing of

          body but also for beautiful, clear and glowing skin. The fragrance emitted when fruit pack applied on face relaxes and distresses the skin.


      Hair packs

            It contains natural ingredients which are enriched with so many wonderful herbs which improve the quality of hair and overall hair strength. Since hair is

            also made of proteins, the hair pack with proteins can highly benefit the hair in making healthy, voluminous.

            It acts as amazing conditioner for hair by locking nutrients and moisture. Its best and safest means to colour hair without toxins and chemicals.


      Hot mud/ Mustard pack

         - Relieves muscle pain, joint ache, stiffness and spasms.

         - It dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation to the surface of the skin.

         - Removes toxins- detoxification gives a counter irritant effect, distracts body from deep pain.

         - Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.


      Salt glow oil massage

         - Exfoliating,  removes old skin cells, encourages the regeneration of new skin cells.

         - Produces new healthy skin, tightens skin make it look more firm.

         - Improves circulation, nourishes and hydrates skin to make it smooth.


      Massage (coconut oil)

           Coconut oil has great anti-microbial properties. They are considered to be great in treating various kind of infections like bacterial, viral or fungal. Coconut

           oil has vitamin E, is well known to nourish skin and make it softer and smoother.

           Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the body. It as anti-oxidant effect along with vitamins which play an important part in anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle.


      Rice turmeric pack

         - It has anti-bacterial properties along with anti-inflammatory and anti-sceptic properties.

         - It boosts immunity on account of its strong anti-oxidant activities.

         - Doing this on regular basis, can cleanse the skin, remove the dead cells, to give a  glowing and spotless skin.


      Hot foot immersion

         - Increases the blood flow through the feet and entire skin surface .

         - Elevates the body temperature, relaxes muscles and increase white blood cells activity.

         - Helpful in cod, chest congestion, flu, cough, headache.

         - It is also helpful in congestion of brain, lungs, abdominal and pelvic organs can be relieved.