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Our Results

Our patients - our best result!

Sometimes they say that the result is not what matters, but the process is what's important. It may be so in games or entertainment, but the health is neither of these. You can't play with your health and it will not entertain you forever. In our practice the result - is an indicator of our work. If it is there, then we did a good job, if not - our job serves no purpose. Of course, it is impossible to cure a person who doesn't want to do it himself, who is not cooperating, who is not taking treatment properly or who is doubting everything, but we do not consider such cases.

Our best result is those people who come to us again and again, who tell about the treatment to their friends, whom we later see also in our Resort. Usually people bring the result on their shining faces and it is very difficult to hide it. Surprisingly, how without extra efforts for advertisement people come to us, just having heard something from their relatives or colleagues about Dr. Tanmay Goswami or Gosval clinic itself. We are thankful to you all, for your trust and opportunity to serve you!

Nevertheless, it is also important to share some practical results. Before starting the Panchakarma treatment we do the one blood test, and another - after the treatment. The result can be seen already after 2 or three weeks. And don't forget that Panchakarma is not the treatment itself - it is just a beginning, a process of cleaning the body, which later should be nourished with medicinal herbs to get full effect.

These are just some examples of the blood tests, people may get after Panchakarma.

P.S. surnames are hided to keep them confidential, and dates are corrected due to the specific work flow of the reports data base which prints them with today's date.