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Opportunity to start helping people with us

In our aspiration to help people and promote Ayurveda all over the world, we are very much open for the partnership through the franchisee model. If you have a place, opportunity and desire to start Ayurvedic Treatment Center, and at the same time, simple SPA or massage salon is not what you are looking for; rather, you wouldd like to provide real authentic care, so that people got practical result - join us!

In such endeavor you will have full support of our doctors team who already have vast experience regarding the procedures, medicines, diagnosis, dealing with people, making the work flow process.

You will be provided by our medicines which could be used in procedures and also be prescribed for your patients.

Opening a new center, strategy planning, negotiation of the business conditions, as well as inspiration, advising and counseling is done by Dr. Tanmay Goswami himself - the renowned figure in the field of Ayurveda, member of the Quality Council of India.

You can get more detailed information and offer your proposals by the e-mail: or Contact our Co-ordinating Manager - Ms. Shyama, Ph: +91 9902135473. Later you will be connected to Dr. Goswami for personal discussion of the subject. You are always welcome to ask any questions, regarding:

  • requirements for the building and set-up
  • requirements for doctors and technicians
  • used materials, medicines and herbs
  • list of the diseases with guaranteed results
  • legal aspects
  • perspectives and business program

Franchisee Proposal