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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is so unique in Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda?

    Our Center is different from the SPA and massage centers running around the world as:

    • We seriously take care of the health of the person, including the condition of his body along with his state of mind.
    • In that we promise a guaranteed result only in the following disorders: Neurological, Joints, Metabolism, Female and Male health care, Allergies and Old age. Besides we give a very good support for: Skin disorders, Aesthetic and Cosmetics, Psychological problems, Hormonal imbalance. If the case of the patient goes beyond our capacity, we will honestly admit it.
    • Our main aim is to cure not the diseases, but the body. We do not subside the symptoms, but work on the root of disease.
    • Every case is unique and requires individual approach, so the treatment plan is made after seeing and consulting the patient according to his present condition and astrological tendencies. Treatment is provided under the supervision of our doctors team.
    • Procedures are executed by well trained technicians assisted by doctors having good knowledge and experience of Ayurveda. All our technicians are trained by Dr. Tanmay Goswami personally.
    • Along with main detox Panchakarma treatment we offer our herbal medicines, yoga, astrological consultation, meditation, chanting of mantras followed by Yagyas (a sacred fire ceremony) which facilitate the process of healing to make it a complete solution for the healthy life.
    • Patients live in a clam and natural environment to keep them stress free and fill with good energy, facilitating all the needful for peaceful living.
    • After the treatment we take care through on-line consultations.
  • Are there any treatment packages?

    We provide two types of treatment: "Well being Panchakarma" and "Medical Panchakarma". First one is a general relaxation package with external procedures like massage and shirodha, but no internal ones like virechana or basti. Medical Panchakarma gives the complex care under the observation of the doctors team. Apart from that we can provide extra care for the aesthetic (beauty) purpose, especially for ladies.

  • What are the treatments that I get?

    Please visit our Treatments page and the Gallery to get the idea about the treatment you get.

  • What will I get apart from treatment?

    Lectures: Dr. Tanmay Goswami, Ayurveda and Medical astrology Expert, holding MD in Ayurveda give live lectures & video lectures every day in evening. Topics for lecture will be such that, they help one to shape their life style in an efficient way and gain knowledge about various aspects that influence our mind and body and help us act accordingly.


    Yoga class:  Yoga a wonderful science that help our body become more flexible and healthy and also help us achieve inner peace. We have included Yoga as part of our treatment so that those whom we treat can achieve good health along with inner peace.


    Individual and group yoga classes. Yoga classes are led by experienced trainers who will help you achieve harmony between your body and mind, and to reach a new level of understanding of inner nature.

    Package includes 30 asanas & Japa, one hour per day for 6 days.

    Note: Personal Individual Yoga will be charged.


    Transport: You are precious to us, we care for you. We provide you vehicle for pick you up from the airport to our center. This facility will be free of cost.


  • Other Services which you can opt for

    Astro-genetic and astro-psychological consultation:

    Body and Cosmos (Nature) are directly in connection and relation to each other, our health is influenced and affected by the changes in the cosmos. Medical Astrology is study of changes in the nature and their influence on our health. Our aim is to give complete results, so we have combined this science with the therapies we offer.

    Establishing a genetic predisposition of the patient to certain diseases with the help of Vedic astrology.

    Vedic astrology provides a deep understanding of your psychological nature, understanding yourself and mechanisms of the world around us and also the people.

     Astrology in our medical practice is a powerful tool in the diagnosis and understanding the causes of diseases.

    First consultation will be free for each patient regarding their health.

    Second consultation - If person wants to know more about his/her horoscope or about children, wife/husband, other family members, friends then it is chargeable.



    Means "sacrifice, devotion, worship, offering", and refers in Hinduism to any ritual done in front of a sacred fire, often with mantras. Fire offering to sacrifice (ghee into the fire).

    Vedic ceremony designed to fix an impact not good karma coming from past lives. Can optionally be assigned as a kind of auxiliary treatment based on an astrological chart. The ceremony was performed by qualified Brahmans. This is a very effective and beneficial effect to help you in your daily life.

    Based on the study of relation between you and cosmos we would suggest you to perform this offering.


    CARRYING AYURVEDIC HERBS – After the whole treatment process, we would suggest you to take good care of your health and for the same we would offer you some herbs that would protect your health on your own.


    Tourism: Relaxing you and your mind is primary cure to any health related issue. With this in mind we have rejuvenating and relaxing treatments to your body and tourism to your mind. Udupi is treasure of natural wonders and spiritual beauty. Within the belt of Udupi we can cover wonderful places that restore your inner happiness with connection to nature.

    Within 60kms distance we take you to some spiritual & historical places. If you want to visit far places like waterfalls, hill stations then you have to pay extra accordingly.


    NATUROPATHY – Naturopathy, another therapy that deals to cure you with help of nature. The main concept of naturopathy is cure with five main elements of nature - Panchamahaboothas.

    We have included various therapies of naturopathy to guarantee good health - Check Naturopathy treatments we offer.


    Vegetarian Cooking class: Your health mainly depends on what you eat and how good you eat. To ensure you eat healthy and stay healthy we teach you how to cook veggie dishes. The beauty and elegance will surprise you and your loved ones. Proper nutrition is the key to your health, and we will share the secrets of cooking delicious and healthy food. 3 hours per day for 6 days.

  • When can I visit?

    Months from September to April are good time for treatment according to the weather conditions of India. From June to September is Monsoon season, this is not a period for those who want to come just to enjoy the holidays for fun at the ocean, but it is very good time to take a sincere treatment for all types of health problems.

  • What is the weather in India?

    Ayurvedic Center Gosval is located at the coastal belt of India so we do not have extreme climate here. Climate is moderate and temperature ranges within 25 - 30 degrees during the day time. In the night time it doesn't go bellow 20, and when it's rainy or cloudy it's very mild around 25. Rainy season is considered to be from June till September. In October and November it may rain in the night mostly. The rest of the time rains are very rare. It is neither too hot nor too cold and is considered to be best for treatment.

  • What should I take with me to India?

    • A few clothes to wear (not too many, avoiding increasing the luggage weight )
    • 1 or 2 pairs of used clothes to be worn during the treatment (as clothes worn during the treatment cannot be used again)
    • Your daily required belongings
    • Passport, visa, tickets, travel insurance, some Indian currency, some currency of your nation and your credit or debit card.
    • Medicines you are taking at the moment, if there are any.
    • If required your laptop, mobile etc (it is for your facility not mandatory from our side)
  • How to reach the Center?

    Please visit the Contacts page for more details.

  • How can I pay?

    You can make a payment by cash (Dollars, Rupees or Euro) or credit card at the Udupi clinic, or pay on-line through PayPal. Exchange rate will be according to the payment date.

  • Will I get the follow up after treatment?

    Yes, you will get a proper diet chart, herbal medicines if prescribed, which can be bought for the desired period of time, and follow up after the treatment to continue the benefits of Panchakarma. For three consecutive months you can communicate with our doctors as a part of the treatment.

  • Does the treatment have any side effects?

    No, ayurvedic treatment has no side effects as it is based on natural system of healing and herbs from medicinal plants. Chemicals are not used in our medicines.

  • Can I come for well being treatment if I have no disease?

    Yes, you can get the treatment for general well being. If you have no disease then it will help you to maintain your health and detoxify the body.

  • How many days are required for treatment?

    Duration of stay depends on the condition of a particular person: 15 to 21 days are required for well being plan and mostly for all common diseases, in some cases it would be better to come for 28 days. But repetition of the treatment depends on the type of the disease one has and how long it has been manifested or diagnosed. In case of major diseases and long history two or three sets are required after a gap of six months. It is decided after the examination by the doctors.

  • Can I undergo the treatment along with taking modern medicines?

    Yes, you can continue taking your modern medicines, but after the treatment as you get improvement you can taper the dose and later stop them completely. Because, usually, if one has started taking modern allopathic medicines, he cannot stop them abruptly, as it can bring adverse effects.

  • Can I work while taking treatment?

    Though the treatment is planned in such a way that you should not stress your mind or get any anxiety about the job, but you can do some work, if only it doesn't affect your mental peace.

  • How can I book the treatment?

    Our batches are booked well in advance as many people come to the clinic. So you should book at least three months before the treatment. We can do some arrangement in case of late booking, but cannot guarantee then availability of the places and the dates, which you would like to have. Please visit Admission page for more details and book as soon as possible!

  • What is the cancellation rule?

    You should cancel your reservation at least one month in advance. If you not cancel prior to one month then your advance payment will not be refunded.

  • Can I get treatment at home without coming to India?

    In case of minor health problems we can send the herbal medicines to your place and give advises through Skype, but for major problems and full detoxification of the body you have to come to India.

  • Can I go for tourism along with treatment?

    During the treatment too much stress to the body should be avoided but you can visit some important places in the local area. It should be done not more than once or twice during the whole treatment.

  • Can I swim during the treatment days?

    Yes you can swim for some time, but there are a few treatments in which swimming has a counter effect, so when you will get those treatments, swimming should be avoided. You will be informed in advance by doctors after analyzing your health conditions.

  • What facilities will I get during my stay?

    You will get free Internet facility, hot water to bath, air conditioner in the room, laundry facility to wash your clothes, pick up and drop facility from the airport and the private beach to swim in the ocean.

  • What type of food will be served?

    We serve healthy vegetarian food which is easy to digest, to facilitate the treatment. According to your health condition some changes may be done in the menu.

  • Can I come with my guests?

    No, guests are not allowed; but mothers can accompany their dependent children to take care of them. They will be charged for the food and stay separately. Persons with major ailment and age above 60 should be accompanied by one person with them.

  • Can I get an Indian SIM card to make phone calls during the stay?

    Before it was easy to get a SIM card, but now the Indian Law became more strict about the issuing the SIM cards, requiring a long process of identity verification for that. So we cannot provide SIM cards for our guests, but we keep a land line phone system which you can use for making calls (need to pay) or you can use free Internet for .your communication.

  • Do I need to make immunizations before coming to India for treatment?

    No, you don't need take any immunizations as we take care of your immune system through Ayurveda means, and we do the blood test before and after treatment.

  • Do I have to carry water filtering device?

    There is no need to worry about water quality as we provide only pure bottled water for our patients

  • What will be the accommodation facilities?

    Please visit our Hospitality page and the Gallery to get the idea about accommodation facilities.

  • What to do if I have smoking or alcohol intaking habit?

    We can help our guests to get rid of this addiction by Ayurvedic herbal medicines.